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Renewal Potion

I got quite a few comments while I was away asking about the “Renewal Potion” and how to get it. Since that’s pretty key for a lot of recipes and game play – use it to reverse any potions that change Furdi’s appearance, here’s where to get it:

Go to Crabidab’s shack – it’s the shell on the beach:

Furdi is rockin a fuzz-ball look here. Dude is growing up. It’s cute. ^^

And grab the one I circled in red. It’s free!

I grab one every single time I pass through Pizzicato Beach. ¬†My rule when playing Furdiburb: If it’s free, I pick it up!

Any other potions I should explain? Ask in the comments!

I’m alive!

I thought I lost access to this account – it turns out I used an email address I don’t use often. I’m alive and well, and I’ve “beaten” the Furdiburb game. ūüôā

Two things:

1) LOVE that the game is now “finished.” When I first started, all Furdi could do was bathe and eat. Now he has two whole worlds to visit!

2) I hope the developers keep adding more!

I’ll be adding more information about additional quests soon, and I’m toying with the idea of starting over from the beginning just to create detailed walkthroughs . . . but that’s quite a commitment! If If it would help a lot of people to have detailed, illustrated walkthroughs, I’ll start from the beginning – so please comment if that’s something you need!

The A.I. Core Spaceship Quest

(I’ll come back and add pictures and a post with a more detailed explanation of growing flowers later.)

You must complete the Gopher Quest in order to grow the flower necessary for this quest.

You’ll want to collect three plumeria seeds from Jed’s barn. They’re free, but you can only get one at a time, so keep going back into the barn and picking them up.

Grow ONE plumeria flower and harvest it. (Red explains the flower growing process pretty well. You drop in the seed, water it, and then drop “fertilizer” in until the plant grows and blossoms.)¬†You can grow more if it floats your boat, but before you can go to the next step, you’ll need two plumeria seeds and one plumeria flower in your inventory.

Go to the Factory and put those three items in the tubes. Run them through the machine and they’ll be¬†transmogrified¬†into another part for Furdiburb’s broken spaceship. According to the Orb (that little status bot that appeard in the new update) this is the A.I. Core.


In a nutshell:

1) Collect three plumeria seeds

2) Grow one plumeria flower

3) Use recipe: plumeria seed + plumeria seed + plumeria flower at the factory

4) Add the new A.I. Core to your ship

Sick Furdiburb

Sometimes Furdiburb gets sick. I’m not always sure why, though I know that sometimes this happens if he eats before I dry him off:


Poor dude.

Tokori sells a potion that’ll make this go away, and like all of Tokori’s potions, the color of the potion matches the color of Furdi’s rash. In this case, we want the Orange Elixir — this one:

Orange Elixer

It’ll set you back 400 credits. But it’ll make Furdiburb all happy and smiley again, so it’s totally worth it. right?


To use a potion, get it out of your inventory and drag it to Furdiburb. The potion will pour over his head, sparkle for a bit, and then do its magic.

The Gopher Quest (or how to begin planting flowers)

This quest isn’t terribly difficult, and I think you should at least give solving the puzzles a go before you read the whole guide. I tried to write this walkthrough with my “process” included, so if you start reading and get unstuck, you can go back to the game to finish on your own. If you’re totally frustrated and just want to grow flowers already, the end of this post has a step-by-step guide.

So, assuming you took a stab at this and are back here because you’re still stuck, here’s the gist.

After the latest update (version 0.20 beta), perhaps you noticed the holes in some of the scenes, like this one:

a mysterious hole

See the unusual hole in front of Tokori's shop?

It looks a bit like a burrow, right? Or a volcano/geyser spout. If you’re like me, you plopped Furdiburb right on top of it … and discovered that this accomplished nothing (though Furdi did sit in one place, which I suppose could be kind of nice since he’s always getting in my way).

There are similar holes in front of the JunkBot’s workshop and at the new scene, Red and Jed’s farm. There is also a new plant in front of the JunkyBot’s workshop. I tried watering the plant, which caused it to get taller … and do nothing else.

I went to Red and Jed’s farm and talked to both of them. They explain how the process for growing flowers works, and there’s a bit of chit-chat thrown in, which includes some subtle clues for later. ¬†I picked up the plumeria seed in Jed’s barn (because I always pick up everything free) and bought two other cheap ones, just to experiment.

So I pulled my plumeria seed out and dropped it in the ground … and a gopher came out and ate it. Red wasn’t very helpful, but after trying out a few more plumeria seeds and losing them all, it became pretty clear that I needed to stop the gopher before I could plant flowers.

I’d noticed on my way to the farm that there were some mushroom patches in front of the gypsy hut, like the ones in Boomy Woods. I watered them and … presto! Purple ‘shrooms.

Purple shrooms!

Furdiburb is rocking the pink hairbow today.

Even though my momma taught me never to eat weird mushrooms, I fed them to Furdiburb and he shrank.

(Cue lightbulb moment…) Oh! Now he can fit in the holes!

I headed to the gopher burrow at the farm, dropped tiny Furdiburb down the hole, and found Larry the gopher.

Talking to Larry makes it clear that he isn’t going to stop stealing seeds any time soon, which is rather annoying. There’s nothing to do down here other than be annoyed, but pressing on the arrow will bring you back to the surface (and¬†return¬†Furdiburb to his normal size).

Larry mentioned his parents in our conversation, so I headed over to Boomy Woods, shrank Furdi, and tossed him into the hole there to find this:

Home Sweet Gopher Home

See the recipe on the wall? I knew I was grabbing all those seeds for a reason ...

Larry’s parents are concerned about their rebel son. They, like Red the farmer, mention taro root. And (cue another lightbulb) there’s that mysterious new plant in front of the robot’s workshop:




... and after watering!

I shrank and jumped in the hole to find:

Taro root!

Hey ... that looks familiar ...

Turns out the thing I’ve been calling “sleepy-time creature” is a taro root. I have a few in my inventory thanks to the recipe, but I collected this one and returned to the surface. Since I already knew that this object makes Furdi fall asleep, it wasn’t too hard to guess that I needed to go back to Larry’s burrow and give him the taro root.

Sure enough, it knocked the rebel gopher right out, and I was able to return to the surface and plant my seeds — which I’ll explain in another post. ūüôā

In a nutshell:

1) Grow two purple mushrooms.

2) Go to JunkyBot’s workshop scene and water the taro plant so that it grows.

3) Shrink Furdiburb, jump into the burrow in front of JunkyBot’s workshop, and collect the taro root.

4) Return to Red and Jed’s farm, shrink Furdiburb, and jump into Larry’s burrow.

5) Feed Larry the taro root. He’ll snooze; you’re done.

If you want a REALLY small nutshell:

1) Collect a star power potion + squash + eggplant and put them through the factory to get a taro root.

2) Grow a purple mushroom.

3) Shrink and go down into Larry’s burrow.

4) Give Larry the taro root. He’ll snooze; you’re done.


I hope that was helpful to someone besides me.  Feel free to comment if you have questions or suggestions!


I’m back!

Between the holidays and getting a new phone in January (such a pain!) I haven’t had much time for Furdiburb lately.

I’m so thankful for the ability to back up the game to the cloud. I’ve said for years that I’d be willing to pay for the game, and now I have — and it was totally¬†worth how easily I was able to backup my game to the cloud on my old phone and then download it onto the new one.

Plus, I now have some extra golden poo to spend. Hmmm…

Furniture Recipes

cherry + cherry + cherry = cherry painting

bottle + bottle + bottles = lamp shade

strawberry + strawberry + strawberry = strawberry rug

strawberry + cherry + dragon fruit = bed

star power potion + star power potion + cherry = striped flower pot