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The A.I. Core Spaceship Quest

January 31, 2012

(I’ll come back and add pictures and a post with a more detailed explanation of growing flowers later.)

You must complete the Gopher Quest in order to grow the flower necessary for this quest.

You’ll want to collect three plumeria seeds from Jed’s barn. They’re free, but you can only get one at a time, so keep going back into the barn and picking them up.

Grow ONE plumeria flower and harvest it. (Red explains the flower growing process pretty well. You drop in the seed, water it, and then drop “fertilizer” in until the plant grows and blossoms.) You can grow more if it floats your boat, but before you can go to the next step, you’ll need two plumeria seeds and one plumeria flower in your inventory.

Go to the Factory and put those three items in the tubes. Run them through the machine and they’ll be transmogrified into another part for Furdiburb’s broken spaceship. According to the Orb (that little status bot that appeard in the new update) this is the A.I. Core.


In a nutshell:

1) Collect three plumeria seeds

2) Grow one plumeria flower

3) Use recipe: plumeria seed + plumeria seed + plumeria flower at the factory

4) Add the new A.I. Core to your ship

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  1. sam permalink

    I up date mu furbi, and now i have not spaceship!! i cant find it

    • That’s a bummer! I highly recommend doing a backup, though it involves spending a bit for the golden poo.

      Email the developers at sheado to see if there’s anything they can do (click menu and choose “make a suggestion” — they’ve always gotten back to me really fast). I can’t really provide technical support for the game — though since I’ve switched phones three times before the backup feature was created, I know what a pain it is to lose all your progress. 😦

  2. HaMaFrank permalink

    i got another part by getting a collection flask from Tokori, then using it to collect the biirds tear, which you then spend on the moon mission potion, also from Tokori. Then you go to the star sisters and use the moon mission potion, which immediatley takes you to the moon. There is something floating round that. click it and it will go yo your invintory. then go to the music place, go inside the music dome and put the object from the moon in the space. play the music game. after you complete it you will get a golden music note. don’t worry if you accidentaly remove the moon piece. just put it back in. take the music note to the crying bird. give it to her and she will fly away, leaving a feather floating. take the feather, go to the factory and put the feather in with a cherry and a strawberry. You will then get another piece.
    You can also get a piece by fishing. just keep using bigger and bait until you get the purplish-pinkish fish with the light antenna. when you use that s bait, you will go into a big squid. get the shark tooth in its mouth, then put it in the factory with 2 staar power potions to get another space ship piece,
    there are 2 others, but i don’t know how to get them yet, but i think one is in the star power game really far up (around neptune?)

  3. bobbi permalink

    This did not work for me, I only got more star money.

  4. Jeanne permalink

    hey, i need help with my spaceship…its almost complete but the windscreen still appears broken…help!:(

  5. Teresa permalink

    Could you post a picture of Adult Furdiburb!!!!

  6. Also possibly pictures of all the spaceship so we know that we have all parts available????

  7. cheyenne permalink

    Can you email me some more tips on how to complete the spaceship

  8. anna massingham permalink

    hi i really need help on how to get the turbines for the spaceship this is my last piece and really want to complete it
    please email me at

    • You need to complete the ghost quest by finding all the spirits. Poke around in all the bushes and rock piles on each map to find the first four.

      As you find them, the squares on what I call the “spirit building” glow yellow.

      To find the last two, open the game at 9:00 and 12:00 and go to the spirit building. The clocks AND the squares will light up.

      Once you have all the spirits, push the yellow button. A sculpture of a spirit head will appear, and as the recipe says, use it at The Factory with two mushrooms to create the turbines.

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