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Potions for Furdiburb (Factory Recipes)

renewal potion + eggplant + star quest potion = blue hair bow potion

renewal potion + star quest potion + strawberry = pink hair bow potion

renewal potion + star quest potion + mangosteen = rainbow antennae potion

star power potion + star power potion + poop = shampoo

renewal potion + renewal potion + renewal potion = purple starry-eyed potion

renewal potion + renewal potion + star power potion = green starry-eyed potion

Seasonal Items (Factory Recipes)

These will all grow from the seedlings near their respective holidays, but out of season, they can be made at the factory.

earth (earth day) = rock + bottle + bottle

gingerbread man (christmas)= squirrel + eggplant + squash

jack o’lantern (halloween) = renewal potion + pumpkin + rock

eyeball (halloween) = renewal potion + cherry + pumpkin (thanks, Isaiah!)

roast turkey (thanksgiving) = pumpkin + squash + eggplant

There are also posts for basic food recipesfurniture recipes, and recipes for potions to make Furdi’s appearance change. If you find additional seasonal recipes, please leave them in the comments!

Food at the Factory (Recipes)

These are basic food recipes you can make at The Factory. There are also posts for seasonal food recipes, furniture recipes, and recipes for potions to make Furdi’s appearance change.


broccoli = renewal potion + pineapple + mangosteen

cauliflower = pineapple + eggplant +  bottle

cauliflower = empty bottle + eggplant + pineapple

cheesecake = strawberry + cheese + hot dog

chili pepper = dragon fruit + dragon fruit + dragon fruit

chocolate pie = squash + hotdog + cheese (untested – thanks Isaiah!)

cupcake = star power potion + pineapple + cherry

pumpkin pie = pumpkin + pumpkin + pumpkin

ham = squirrel + squirrel + squirrel

ham = hot dog + hot dog + hot dog

ham = rotten sushi + hot dog + squirrel

ham = squirrel+squirrel+strawberry (thanks Tammy!)

honey = empty bottle + squash + eggplant (thanks Ida!)

honey = empty bottle + squash + squash (thanks Isaiah!)

radish = squash + squash + squash

roasted turkey = pumpkin + pumpkin + squash =  (thanks d!)

roasted turkey = mangosteen + pumpkin + squash (thanks Isaiah!)

rotten cheese = squirrel + cheese + eggplant (thanks Isaiah!)

taro root (sleepy-time creature) = star power potion + squash + eggplant

watermelon = renewal potion + pumpkin + mangosteen

(if you have more recipes to add, please feel free to comment!)

Hello world!

I’ve been playing Furdiburb for years. It was the first game I ever downloaded for my Android, and back then, all you could do was clean and feed Furdiburb. No Tokori, no flying through space, nothing. But I was hooked. I love this game, and I’m a huge fan.

I’m making this blog for two reasons:

  1. I needed a place to remember how to do everything — quests, recipes, etc. I used to be able to do this on Facebook, but now that discussions are eliminated, so is all the wonderful knowledge that the great Furdiburb fan page put together, which is a shame.
  2. I thought I might as well share the knowledge. I’ll warn you, though: a lot of the fun of this game is figuring out the puzzles and quests on your own.

This is all quite unofficial; I’m not part of Sheado. I’m just writing down my own little guide. If it helps you too, great!