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Food at the Factory (Recipes)

December 9, 2011

These are basic food recipes you can make at The Factory. There are also posts for seasonal food recipes, furniture recipes, and recipes for potions to make Furdi’s appearance change.


broccoli = renewal potion + pineapple + mangosteen

cauliflower = pineapple + eggplant +  bottle

cauliflower = empty bottle + eggplant + pineapple

cheesecake = strawberry + cheese + hot dog

chili pepper = dragon fruit + dragon fruit + dragon fruit

chocolate pie = squash + hotdog + cheese (untested – thanks Isaiah!)

cupcake = star power potion + pineapple + cherry

pumpkin pie = pumpkin + pumpkin + pumpkin

ham = squirrel + squirrel + squirrel

ham = hot dog + hot dog + hot dog

ham = rotten sushi + hot dog + squirrel

ham = squirrel+squirrel+strawberry (thanks Tammy!)

honey = empty bottle + squash + eggplant (thanks Ida!)

honey = empty bottle + squash + squash (thanks Isaiah!)

radish = squash + squash + squash

roasted turkey = pumpkin + pumpkin + squash =  (thanks d!)

roasted turkey = mangosteen + pumpkin + squash (thanks Isaiah!)

rotten cheese = squirrel + cheese + eggplant (thanks Isaiah!)

taro root (sleepy-time creature) = star power potion + squash + eggplant

watermelon = renewal potion + pumpkin + mangosteen

(if you have more recipes to add, please feel free to comment!)

  1. patchcree x permalink

    thanks this helped me a lot x 🙂

    • tam permalink

      There are LOTS more too….reply if u need them 😉

      • cutie x permalink

        Help! Xx

      • Oh? What are they?! LOL. I try to experiment but most of the time I get stars, which is good! but I would like more food recipes. Thanks Tam!

      • Deidre permalink

        I need them plz 🙂

      • Amy permalink

        I need them LOL

      • Julianna permalink


      • please send me some more recipes…

      • comi permalink

        Give me all the recipies you have,and i ll be eternaly thankful 😀

    • tam permalink

      Even diff furniture recipes too 😉

  2. tam permalink

    Love your page and have it bookmarked….wondering if u know the rotton sushi recipe or is it something I’m just not recognizing???? I read once that it wad a YELLOW cupcake….your help is appreciated : ) …..Tammy

  3. tam permalink

    & thanks = )

  4. Pumpkin + pumpkin + squash = roasted turkey

  5. tammy permalink

    can you create fertiliser?????????

  6. tammy permalink

    squirrel+squirrel+strawberry= ham

  7. Kyana permalink

    Thats not even all the recipes!!

  8. candace permalink

    Did you get the eyeball my son did now he can’t remember how he got it.

    • Hi Candace! Isaiah posted a recipe for that in the comments below – I’m going to add it to the seasonal recipes post, but for easy reference, it’s halloween eyeball = renewal potion + cherry + pumpkin. Hope that helps!

  9. Ida Chai permalink

    hi …
    I got something in a jar when i mix the empty bottle + squash + eggplant
    what’s that ??

    • That’s honey, Ida! There are a couple recipes for that – looks like I didn’t know them yet when I posted this. I’ll add them now. Thanks!

  10. hibiscus + plumeria seed + plumeria seed = 1,250 star cash

  11. IsaiahSantiago permalink

    Strawberry+Strawberry+Strawberry= Strawberry Rug Dragon Fruit+Cherry+Strawberry= Bed Cherry+Starquest+Starquest= Red & White Vase Empty Bottle+Empty Bottle+Empty Bottle= Green Lamp Shade Cherry+Cherry+Cherry= Cherry Picture Renewl+ Starquest+Strawberry= Female Renewl+Starquest+Eggplant= Boy Renewl+Starquest+Mangasteen= Rainbow Attena Renewel+Renewel+Renewel= Purple Starry Eyes Renewl+Renewl+Starquest= Green Starry Eyes Eggplant+Squash+Starquest= Purple Creature Cherry+Strawberry+Pineapple= Heart Strawberry+Cheese+Hotdog= Strawberry Cheesecake Pumpkin+Pumpkin+Pumpkin= Pumpkin Pie Hotdog+Hotdog+Hotdog= Ham Squash+Squash+Empty Bottle= Honey Empty Bottle+Strawberry+Strawberry= Strawberry Jam Rock+Rock+Starquest = Earth Squirrel+Squirrel+Poop= Skunk Eggplant+Squirrel+Squash= Gingerbread Man Ham+Heart+Broken Heart= Chicken Mama Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit= Chili Starquest Potion+Pineapple+Cherry= Cupcake Squash+Hotdog+Cheese= Chocolate Pie Plum+Pumpkin+Squash= Turkey Squash+Squash+Squash= Radish Squirrel+Cheese+Eggplant= Rotten Cheese Pineapple+Eggplant+Empty Bottle= Cauliflower Pumpkin+Mangasteen+Renewl= Watermelon Pineapple+Mangasteen+Renewl= Broccoli Renewl+Cherry+Pumpkin= Halloween Eyeball

    • Thanks, Isaiah! I think a few of these are in my Potions post, but I’ll go through them and add the rest. 🙂

  12. leah permalink

    i need a apple pie recipe for the zombie statue i think that apple pie icecream and sushi make coffee but i still do not know apple pie. icecream is two colored poos and a strawberry

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